All About the Mahindra Sumo Tech Series

Sumtotal Technology Mahindra makes all the trucks they sell to the customers as well as giving the drivers training and repairing services to use the vehicles. The company has been in this business for more than a century. The owner of this company is B.K.S. Pillai, who started with just one truck manufacturing company in the year nineteen eighty six.

When he bought out his first truck company, it was the brand Dodge. He decided to make a different line of vehicles, so he bought Dodge parts and made trucks for that time also. When his first series of trucks wasn’t successful, he decided to form a bigger company, which still is present till date. Today, he has eleven series of vehicles, all which are successful and have sold millions of units.

The company gives all its drivers training to use the latest technology and this is what Mahindra trucks have in store for all the drivers. The company also provides the drivers with the best after sale service and makes sure the drivers use only the best equipments. Most of the truck models from the company are equipped with the latest GPS, safety systems and other technologies, which make them stand apart from the other truck manufacturers. As for the driver training programs provided by the Sumtotal Tech Mahindra, they are customized keeping in mind the needs and requirements of the drivers.

Drivers who get trained using these vehicles can be assured of a better driving performance, as the trucks provide smooth driving experience. The company also has a customer centric approach to their driver training. This is the main reason why a driver gets the best after sales services and the facility to upgrade their vehicles as well.

The truck driver is trained based on the type of vehicle they are assigned with, for instance if the driver is an Hire truck, they will be taught everything about the Hire model and the maintenance aspects of the vehicle. In case the driver is a Sales truck, they will be trained to handle the different models of vehicles belonging to the same series. They will also be trained on how to identify and repair any vehicle related issues as quickly as possible. Drivers who have been trained using the Mahindra vehicles are more efficient and precise than any other truck driver. This helps to cut down on costs and increase profitability.

The company also uses their advanced manufacturing techniques and tools in the assembly and designing of the various components of the trucks. These are manufactured using the best materials available in the market and are highly durable. The most important thing about a Mahindra truck is that it is designed in such a way that it offers complete solutions to all the problems that a driver might come across while on the road. These include the truck’s suspension system, engine and the body. Truck parts such as the body parts, bumpers and the suspension system are manufactured using the best technology and thus, can withstand the harsh roads safely.

Apart from the above, the drivers of the series are provided with hand controls which improve their efficiency by allowing them to select the gear they want the truck to perform in specific situations. This helps to improve their safety and efficiency while driving. This also helps to keep the engine under control so that there is no chance of it breaking down while on the road. The tires of the vehicle are specifically manufactured so that they offer excellent handling as well as maximum traction. In order to prevent the wheels of the vehicle from wearing out too much, there are breakers fitted to the wheels.

These breakers have been developed by Sumitra, a renowned company from India. It has made sure that each and every component of the Mahindra truck is carefully monitored and analyzed before it is manufactured. This is because these vehicles are used for commercial purposes and need to operate in a highly efficient and productive manner. If you wish to purchase a Mahindra you will have to visit a number of companies which deal with Mahindra trucks. However, you can compare the prices and choose the best one within your budget.

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