Asus hasn’t conformed to following marketplace traits for numerous years now. It has embraced the area of interest, becoming master of gaming smartphones with the ROG Phone line, producing the most flexible selfie smartphone on the market with the Zenfone Flip telephones, and has eschewed the massive-screen trend to make a compact, high performance smartphone this 12 months with the Zenfone 8.

Yet it nonetheless on occasion feels under preferred, and its efforts to do matters in a different way don’t usually get the attention they deserve. Why? Despite being incredibly transparent about a few components of its cellphone commercial enterprise, it’s in no way in one of the maximum essential — while you could genuinely purchase one. There is a good purpose although, and information it will help apprehend Asus better.

Doing matters differently

Asus spokesperson ChihHao Kung defined to Digital Trends in an email about Asus’s reasoning for doing matters in another way with its telephones:

Competition is fierce and all of the main gamers scramble to provide very comparable, however true, gadgets. There is truly no lack of desire for the cease user in that particular space.”

Asus ROG Phone five
Asus ROG Phone 5
Andy Boxall/Digital Trends
Asus has by no means been afraid to strive some thing new if you want to stand out. In 2012 it launched the primary Padfone, in which a normal phone fitted into a special dock to grow to be a pill. This loopy, yet exceptionally effective machine spawned more than one sequels. When the Padfone line resulted in 2014, Asus have become bogged down with a couple of variations of the Zenfone, none of which have been very interesting, until it released the Zenfone 6 in 2019. The Zenfone 6 and the ROG Phone 2 signified a new starting for Asus, and it has lost none of its area of interest momentum since then.

Buying a unusual Asus smartphone can be difficult.

Here’s why it merits a wreck
Explaining why it’s exclusive
I’m going to drag lower back the curtain that obscures the tech media world a little, with a purpose to higher illustrate how I recognise Asus is special, outside of its frequently quirky telephones. When agencies short media on a new tool they speak about what makes it special, the features it has, the design, and a whole lot greater. Compared to maximum, Asus regularly goes a step similarly via frequently explaining why it does things.

Take the Zenfone 8 as an instance.

Instead of simply saying it has made a phone that’s smaller and consequently easier to keep than greater commonplace big flagship phones, Asus explained the need for getting the cellphone beneath 70mm extensive and underneath 150mm tall, numbers primarily based on studies into hand size. This justification for its choices enables us higher apprehend why the phone is the way it’s far.

Asus Zenfone eight
Andy Boxall/Digital Trends
It does the equal with other specific hardware and specification alternatives too, together with the shortage of wi-fi charging throughout the variety — it prefers to prioritize lengthy-time period cellular existence, and wi-fi charging can negatively effect this — its choice of robust and light-weight liquid metallic for the flip module at the Zenfone 7 Pro and 8 Flip, and even with the internal layout of its smartphones.

Did the Zenfone 8 has a dual-layer PCB with interposer technology, which does away with conventional ribbons connecting the two layers, and makes use of 618 connector pins as an alternative, all so it may all fit in the compact phone frame? Probably no longer, and at the same time as neither you or I actually need to know, I love that Asus took the time to provide an explanation for. What’s unfortunate is that Asus doesn’t follow this identical stage of transparency to its fundamental trouble of nailing down availability.

Why doesn’t it have the recognition?

Asus makes phones that stand aside from the gang, frequently fees them fairly for the overall performance and capabilities on offer, and within the case of the ROG Phone leverages inner know-how and a colourful network to construct the pleasant gaming smartphone to be had today. Why isn’t it constantly cited within the identical breath because the big smartphone players?

Simply because it’s not a large smartphone participant, and this plays a huge component in knowledge why Asus phones can get surpassed by using. Asus phones are frequently tough to discover for sale, mainly early on within the lifecycle, or even at declaration while attention is at its highest, global release dates are both vague or non-existent.

We requested Kung why that is the scenario:

Asus Zenfone 8 Flip
Andy Boxall/Digital Trends
When a phone takes a while to reach shops near you, after the pleasure of the preliminary release has exceeded, it can quick lose it luster. The Asus ROG Phone five changed into introduced on March 21, but wasn’t available in the U.S. Till May 26. Crucially this date turned into not provided in March, while it simply needed to be, and this wasn’t precise to the ROG Phone five. Asus dangers getting forgotten inside the constant melee of new tool launches due to it.

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