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There are many institutes of Technology in Tamil Nadu including the prestigious Tamil Nadu Institute of Technology (NKT) and Coimbatore Engineering College. These colleges are known for their excellent facilities, which are highly applauded across the country. B Tech Artificial Intelligence Colleges in Coimbatore provides students with an exciting and fulfilling environment to pursue their education.

The main entrance examination to the institute is AIEEE. AIEEE stands for All round Academic Examination for National Undergraduates. Students who fail to clear this examination are required to undergo trainings at the local technical college. However, there are many other engineering institutes in Tamil Nadu that offer trainings such as AIEEE, ESSCH, GMAT, and other higher level examinations.

There are a number of subjects to be studied at the high school. Normally, the students join after Class 11, however, in case they are still in high school then they can join any course they like apart from AIEEE. Some of the subjects taught in the high school are mathematics, chemistry, physics, computer science, and English. The curriculum of the Coimbatore Engineering College includes subjects such as English, Calculus, Physics, and Organic Chemistry.

The institute has a dedicated faculty to teach the students about the various subjects. The teaching procedure is an open classroom method. The teaching procedures include an introduction, discussion, demonstration, and testing. The teaching staff consists of experienced and qualified teachers, who have sound knowledge in teaching. They are well equipped with knowledge on the latest technologies. The institute also has a well organized laboratory that houses all the machines and tools required in teaching.

The administration of the Coimbatore Engineering College is provided by the chairman of the board of directors and the managing trustee. The college has a large alumni network that is comprised of around 400 students of different subjects. The major activities are conducted during the academic year. Some of the major events conducted by the Coimbatore College include campus events, cultural events, and conferences.

The institute ensures that all the students get proper guidance and all the students are provided equal support. The student newspapers carry news and information about the latest happenings at the Coimbatore College and the students can become regular readers of this newspaper. The student union is the most important body at the Coimbatore College and it has the responsibility of maintaining the discipline among the students.

The B Tech faculty is recruited from reputed colleges and institutions in India. They hold excellent academic qualification and also possess strong teaching skills. This helps the students to succeed in their careers in artificial intelligence field. A small number of Coimbatore Engineering College students are involved in international competition conducted by the IIT-JEE.

This is the first institute to establish IT infrastructure in the city. In the past, the institute was associated with IIT Delhi but later the association was dissolved. The main stream of the Coimbatore engineering has been B Tech and this department was led by Shri MM Kalam. The current situation is that there is another B Tech faculty at this institute and the students of that faculty are studying major subjects like artificial intelligence, computer science and quantum computing. AI Today has received many awards for excellence and has achieved success in applications like Natural Language Processing, Image Manipulation, Machine Learning and Web Application development.

Coimbatore is one of the leading institutes of Madurai in Tamil Nadu state. Tamilians are known for their passion for technology and high level of education. Students who are graduated from this college get jobs in industries like pharmaceutical, defense industry, telecommunication, information technology etc. Many multinational companies have their head offices here. There is a big demand for good managers in these industries and people with all degrees including IIT, MBA, and Ph.D can work for these companies.

Coimbatore has some of the prominent companies that are located here like Vizio, HP, Videocon, Reliance, Sony, Vodafone etc. There is a huge demand for intelligent computers and computer software engineers. Many graduates are now realizing the potential of IT and B Tech students can get jobs in these sectors as soon as they complete their graduation. Recently there has been a trend of Coimbatore apartments for rented rooms with various technological advances like CCTV security camera, IT support, air conditioning etc.

Now a day’s people do not want to work in crowded places for years at a stretch. They want to live a peaceful life with privacy. One such technology is Artificial intelligence that uses digital signal processing to make decisions. It also integrates digital signal processing along with natural language processing and forms of artificial intelligence. Some of the companies who are manufacturing and providing many technologies related to artificial intelligence are namely: AltaVista, Metaio, Cogentrix, Pivotal, Metaio Solutions Pvt Ltd, Appian Inc, eCogentrix Pvt Ltd, Pekto, nueral Biosphere, Clearpores, Megaputer and Sybase. The above listed colleges in Chennai are some of the famous colleges of artificial intelligence that have gained recognition in the academic circles.

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