Hi-Tech Industries to Remain Competitive

Hi-Tech engineers aspire to achieve and retain the status of leadership in their respective organizations by developing and implementing highly functional and innovative technologies for Indian industries. These technological innovations are aimed at transforming the current techniques into cost-effective solutions for the benefit of the clients. These technologies are designed to provide adequate infrastructure and tools for the development of new and existing businesses. They are designed to improve quality, productivity, efficiency, market share for all types of industries.

Indian hi-tech engineers have contributed significantly to the field of information technology by introducing state-of-the-art information technologies like Information technology Infrastructure (ITI). These engineers form the backbone of Indian information technology industry. ITI projects have a wide range of applications including communications, electronic health records, software, digital signage and other related technologies. These projects have transformed the health care sector for the betterment of humanity. Information technology has emerged as one of the best solutions for increasing the business and enhancing productivity of an organization.

Limited in Private Limited by Municipal Corporation (M.R.C) is a hi-tech private limited company set up in Delhi, fondly known as Madurai. The objective of the company is to utilise its own expertise, resources and experience in the form of new and improved products, services and technology to generate wealth for its future generations. It also plans to develop various projects for commercialization of its inventions and creations. The company has its main offices in Madurai, Chennai and in the National Capital Region (NCR). It also has a manufacturing unit in Vellore, Tamil Nadu.

The vision of Madurai Limited is to build a world class automobile manufacturing company using advanced technologies and to provide every household with cars, to the extent possible. This company plans to manufacture small cars for export, trucks, buses, tractor and other agricultural equipment. The company will also focus on the development and deployment of various new and innovative technologies. Several private limited companies have set base in Chennai. They are planning to utilise their skills and resources to generate revenue. The local and foreign investors need not take risk by investing in Chennai or Madurai, as the scenario there is such that the scenario looks positive for establishing a profitable business there.

TCS Power Solutions Pvt Ltd is a hi-tech private limited company that focuses on providing solutions to the automotive, powertrain, power supplies and related industrial equipments market. TCS provides complete solutions and accessories for electronic and electrical equipments. The business head quarters is located at Chennai International Airport. The head quarters is equipped with proper security arrangements and with proper heating facilities.

Kirlian Labs is an emerging hi-tech ITES company located at Chennai International Airport, Kirlian Islands. Kirlian Labs was established in 2021. Kirlian Labs intends to revolutionize the ways in which information is shared between brain cells, using cutting-edge technology. They use a highly complex brain-computer interface technology known as Brain State Converter. The designation appointment date for Kirlian Labs was fixed, in September 2021.

In mid-2021, it was announced that Hi-Tech Industries Ltd would cease all activities and leave Tamil Nadu, without stating a reason for this. Hi-Tech Industries had commenced business in Tamil Nadu in the year 1998. The reason given was lack of suitable location and also the prohibitive cost of business in Tamil Nadu. But later it was proved that Hi-Tech Industries has been able to overcome all these barriers and despite of all odds is continuing its business in Tamil Nadu. The reasons for the designation appointment date cessation date is still not clear. There was a time when it was thought that the new owners were going to shift the plant from Chennai to their own premises, from Kirlang Road, but this has not happened.

It is quite obvious that Hi-Tech Industries’ main motive in not shifting its manufacturing operations to Tamil Nadu was to stop direct competition. Some of the hi-tech companies associated with Hi-Tech Industries are: ABB Group plc, Air Products Ltd, Emaar Ltd, Envirolet Ltd, Hindustan Shipyard Co Ltd, India Signal Ltd, Kirlang Engineering Ltd, Mahindra & Mahindra Limited, M&M Group plc, RTH Group plc, Reliance Group of Companies Limited, Unitech plc. As far as the future projects of hi-tech industries in Tamil Nadu are concerned, only the ones which had received prior go-ahead from the CVs of the previous companies associated with the same are being considered.

Thus we can say that Hi-Tech Industries have decided to continue its competitive edge by keeping the technological resources of its organization concentrated on its core areas of excellence in engineering. As on date Tamil Nadu has not been able to meet the increasing domestic demand for the hi-tech products. The main factor for this is the backward economic development in the state and the inability of the state to improve its infrastructure and provide requisite infrastructural support to the industries, which lead to an ineffectiveness in the supply chain. So the recent designation of Hi-Tech sector as the global city for hi-tech products was in effect a risky move by the private limited companies associated with the company.

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