Unique Tech Gifts For Any Occasion

Do you have a friend who is always on the move, loves technology and always seems to be in “the know”? If so, then you should probably show him how grateful you are for all of his adventures. You can make unique tech gifts that he will remember for many years to come. Consider some of these ideas for tech gifts:

Rachio 3-D projection glasses. What could be more unique tech gifts than this? Rachio makes projection glasses that you can use with the Rachio 3-D technology. You have to see it to believe it! This gift will certainly bring someone chills when they hold them up to the light.

Apple Ipod Touch. You probably have an apple and an iPod, and who doesn’t? There is no way that you won’t know each other by these two tech gifts, and you may be able to sell your friend on the idea of purchasing both an iPod Touch to create a matching set of unique tech gifts!

HP Touch. For those who love technology, HP is definitely the way to go! The HP Touch is a small, but powerful laptop that will allow you to do everything you need to quickly and easily get your work done. If you want to give your tech-savvy friend something truly unique, then give them the HP Touch.

Toshiba satellite notebook. You can never go wrong when you give someone a Toshiba satellite notebook as a unique tech gift. This is not just another ordinary laptop; it’s something truly unique that your recipient will actually be looking forward to having. If you want to impress and please your tech-friendly pal, give them one of these powerful laptops as a gift!

Sony PlayStation. If you are trying to think of creative ways to give your tech-savvy pal something special that they will never forget, then giving them the Sony PlayStation would definitely be a good idea. They can play their hearts out on this amazing hand-held game console! Nothing is more unique than something that can be played in two hands, and that is exactly what Sony is hoping for with this incredible gaming system!

Apple iPad. Are you a gadget crazy person? If you are, then you should definitely give your tech friend an Apple iPad as a unique tech present. It’s something that no person will be able to say ‘no’ too!

HTC Desire. Last but certainly not least, the HTC Desire is a great gift idea for your tech-savvy pal. Who doesn’t know what the HTC Desire is? This amazing little phone is loaded with tons of cool features and options that your friend will absolutely love and won’t even be able to live without! If you think that you have hit the jackpot with the five gifts above, then you should definitely go ahead and add one more to the list – the HTC Desire laptop!

Why should your tech-savvy friend want a new laptop with the HTC Desire? Apart from the fact that your friend already has a laptop, this unique gift will also be useful for them when they go on an adventure trip! Imagine going on a long hike or even taking a road trip across the country! With the laptop safely tucked inside the HTC Desire, your friend will always be prepared for whatever happens along the way. They will never get worried that they may run out of energy or that their laptop might run out of juice because it will always be available and charged!

These five unique tech gifts are all winners in their own way – you just need to decide whether or not your recipient will love them. If you’re wondering about which one will be the best choice for your friend, just keep in mind that the first three gifts are all excellent choices. The HTC Desire is definitely a must-have if you want your friend to become a laptop expert, but there are plenty of other options out there that will make for fantastic tech gifts as well.

These unique tech gifts aren’t just great for birthdays either! What’s the best way to impress someone with a tech gift for a wedding anniversary? The best idea is to give something that is actually useful! For your wedding anniversary, you can select a personalized camera that will have your loved one carrying around a digital photo album for the rest of their lives! This tech gift will surely be a hit.

There are several more unique tech gifts out there that will delight your recipient. If you know what kind of technology your friend uses or what they are very passionate about, there is a surefire way to find a great gift. Take a look through a few online stores to see all of the incredible selections available to you. Once you find the perfect gift, just make sure that you’re ordering from a reputable store and that you double check the shipping rates and any other details so that you get your money’s worth!

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