Amazon’s Prime Day is quick coming near. Confirmed to take place in June this yr, Prime Day offers promise stellar reductions on an expansion of gadgets for Amazon Prime subscribers.

If you’re within the market for a new Chromebook, the e-commerce massive’s sale is an splendid region to appearance, as historically, Prime Day Chromebook deals have provided deep financial savings on laptops. Last year’s sale dropped as a great deal as $two hundred off the fee of the exceptional Chromebooks — that’s enough savings to buy a 2nd Chromebook in case you want it!

But given the variety of Chromebooks in the marketplace today, choosing one may be overwhelming.

To assist make your Prime Day buying a touch less difficult, we’ll wreck down what you should look for in a Chromebook.

  • Design information
  • Asus Chromebook Flip C434
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  • Chromebooks are to be had in three primary configurations. Google’s premium PixelBook Go and Samsung’s extra inexpensive Chromebook four are based on a traditional clamshell layout, where maximum of your interaction might be via keyboard and mouse. A convertible design is a incredible choice for those who want a tablet. Asus’s Chromebook Flip comes with a 360-diploma hinge that we could the display screen swivel 360 tiers, permitting the computer to transform into a tablet.

And ultimately, there’s the detachable layout. These devices are pills first, with a removable keyboard folio. Lenovo’s IdeaPad Duet is an exceptional instance of this design. While detachables convey the identical degree of versatility as convertibles, the upside is that the keyboard may be stowed if not wanted.

The electricity of touch
HP Chromebook x2 Review
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While maximum Chromebooks come with touchscreens, now not all do. Given that Chrome OS now supports Android apps, it can be higher to upgrade to a touchscreen device.

But past the touchscreen, Chromebook customers need to additionally test to peer if their tool supports pen, digitizer, or stylus input techniques like HP’s Chromebook x2 does. Having a virtual pen may want to make your Chromebook even greater useful, mainly for taking notes, drawing, or making annotations. Pen input is a excellent tool to have for study room, creative tasks, and work, however won’t be as essential if you’re generally using your Chromebook at home to surf the internet, browse video, or pay bills.

Is bigger in reality better?

Acer Chromebook Spin 713
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On Chromebooks, display sizes run the gamut from compact 10-inch gadgets to those with 15-inch displays that rival many PC laptops. Smaller monitors are higher ideal for younger youngsters, while larger devices are superb for multitasking, content material advent, and content intake. The larger show lets in you to apply a couple of home windows conveniently.

But beyond size, you ought to additionally bear in mind resolution. Cheaper Chromebooks will probable start with a 720p display, which might be often known as HD monitors. If you’re pushing thirteen- or 15-inch Chromebooks, you’ll want a better-decision screen. Full HD, or 1080p, panels percent in extra pixels and will make matters appearance crisper.


With a beginning price just below $200, Chromebooks are an appealing and less costly alternative for pc customers. While most Chromebooks percentage comparable configurations — processor, memory, and garage — you’ll pay a top class relying on what extra functions you need.

Design options, which includes a steel build or a convertible design, will probably upload to the fee, as will a more long lasting construct with a MIL-STD certification. Rugged designs are exceptional for the hard-and-tumble environments of a school room, and some come with a spill-resistant keyboard for extra sturdiness. On the excessive cease of the pricing spectrum is Google’s Pixelbook Go.

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