How Can Artificial Intelligence Help In Job Search In The Future??

Before two decades, finding a job was a difficult task. It involved, preparing a resume, going to the libraries to find job openings, networking among seniors, friends, juniors, and acquaintances. In fact, many jobs were published in relevant newspapers and websites, but they seldom reached the qualified person.


How can AI help in job search


In the present day, you find job seekers of a different variety. They have uploaded their resume in the job seeking website, call on consultancies, attend campus interviews, walk-ins etc. They usually opt for a job outside their studied domain to begin a career. But when they get the job of their liking, they will make a shift.

But in the future, job searches are going to new levels with the introduction of AI. It is technology which will do the heavy lifting work. It is rumored that matchmaking for the job is more difficult than finding the perfect groom or bride. True! But the perfect match can be done with data, the only factor you need a superhuman to wade through hundreds of resume to find the person matching the job description.

Instead of taking more persons for the job, AI can perform the duty better by matching skills, salary requirements with the job description. At present, in many job seeking websites, the team rarely gets information about the salary part. They get the job description, duration etc but the salary part – no way.


job search by AI


It is here, that AI as well machine learning can predict the numbers in a salary. In fact, calculations are galore on the wages required for a specific job, location and a company. But please note it is only an assumption. But the AI does the job perfectly. It sources information from third party sources, thousands of salary points from searches and can predict a salary on assumption.

The artificial intelligence from consultancy can pull the perfect words from resumes by the process called as natural-language processing. The comparisons will then be made with the skills and job requirements. By this method, it will be easy for the recruiters to make an evaluation.

But, just imagine the work the AI has to do. It has to go through thousands of resumes, and then consider the location, skills, salaries, company culture, personality and inaccuracy in job description.

While AI can help recruiters, it can also help job seekers. The data will inform them if they are paid poorly at work with better accuracy.

A new set of companies are also entering the fray. These companies have a website. There are questions to be answered by every job seeker according to their specialization. In short, the candidates have to log in and take the tests. On the other hand, are employers who use the website to locate the potential candidate. They can, in fact, check the test score and shortlist the candidate for interviews.

These companies can help weed out the participants who do not have any resemblance to the job. The prospective company as well the candidate, by participating in the exam will know the requirements of a job. If a candidate is rejected, he/she can also receive valuable advice for the future jobs or the job suitable for their skills.

With all the data available, there is one factor which is incalculable – the satisfaction of the candidate. Will the job and office environment be able to touch the candidate positively on an emotional level? Can it give them fulfillment? These are factors that cannot be collected in the data.

Artificial Intelligence in Job Search


Since the invention of the job market, it has been always job description and resumes. The recruiter needs to match the candidate as per the job description and the company gets the new employee. Old time job search completed. Period.

But in the future, the trend may change. The candidate may get to know the employer requirements. The company will know exactly the requirements of the new employee.

In short, it has to be accepted that AI will rapidly change the recruiting industry. The old traditional methods will be made sharp with other assessments and innovations for finding the best jobs and candidates.

So, if you are an entrepreneur who has a doorstep repair services company in Hyderabad, then it is vital that you know the developments in the job industry.

Hope this article gave you some points on how artificial intelligence can shape the job industry.


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Artificial Intelligence will fastly change the recruiting industry. With the help of AI automated technologies are about to transform the search for people.
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