Ransomware attack: India issues red alert.

In connection with WannaCry attack India’s cyber security agency “COMPUTER RESPONSE TEAM OF INDIA (CERT-IN)” Had issued a ‘red alert’ and warned users to not pay the ransom.

Over the last weekend, the ransomware worm has stopped car factories, hospitals, shops and schools worldwide but Asia having escaped the worst so far.

CERT-IN SIAD  That“ Individuals or organization are not encouraged to pay ransom as this doesnot guarantee files will be released. Report such instances of fraud to CERT-IN and law enforcement agencies”.

Last month Microsoft released patches and on Friday to fix a vulnerability that gave permissions to the worm to spread across networks.

Over 100,000 computers are been the victim of virus wannaCry and Now it slowed down on Sunday. But new Version of Worms Were expected though the world  was yet to take stock of the content of the extent of damage from Friday’s attack.

A Hacking group Known as  “Shadow Brokers” has released the code for exploiting  that bug known as  “Eternal Blue” on internet in March. The group claimed that it was stolen from a repository of “ National Secuity Agency Hacking Tools” but the agency has not responded to request for comment.



The US digital security scientist who ended the WannaCry assault, Darien Huss, said on Sunday that it wouldn’t be troublesome for those mindful to re-discharge it or for others to copy it — and this time it would not be gotten control over.

“This specific assault was generally simple to close down,” concurred Bryce Boland, Asia Pacific boss innovation officer for FireEye, a digital security firm.

Monday is relied upon to be a bustling day, particularly in Asia which might not have seen the most noticeably bad of the effect yet, as organizations and associations turn on their PCs.

A portion of the world’s biggest foundations and government organizations have been influenced up until now, including the Russian inside service, FedEx in the US and Britain’s National Health Service.

Other significant hits included automaker Renault and its arm Dacia, the Nissan plant in upper east England, German rail administrator Deutsche Bahn, Spain’s telecom monster Telefonica, Portugal Telecom and Telefonica Argentina, and a healing center in Jakarta that forewarned of enormous lines on Monday when around 500 individuals were because of enroll.

Digital security organization Symantec anticipated diseases so far would cost a huge number of dollars, for the most part from cleaning corporate systems.

Ransoms paid add up to a huge number of dollars, one investigator stated, yet it is by and large anticipated to surge when the due date to pay the payment methodologies, and individuals begin paying up once news spreads that installment takes care of the issue. One gauge put it as high as a billion dollars, yet till Saturday, some $33,000 had been paid into the few bitcoin accounts related with the

Ransomware, as per Elliptic, an organization that tracks online money related exchanges including virtual monetary standards.


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I heard about this virus. It scared me a little . I’m just glad that there’s a lot of awareness for it.


Wow… this is actually really scary. Thanks for breaking this important info down for users like me who find stuff like this hard to understand.


Wow. This sounds terrifying. It’s scary to know that there are people out there like this.


Whoa. When I first got to your page I was afraid I wouldn’t be able to understand any of this being so unaware and uneducated in this type of stuff..but after reading.. I have to say it’s pretty scary that this kind of thing is so easily done and how common and often it happens. Thanks for sharing!

Lee Patterson

This is the first I’ve heard about this attack. Thank you for the information and steps to report it.

Rikki Singh

thanx to share



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