Rival Techniques of Uber to Dehumanize the Test Car Permit in California!!

The Uber Technologies Inc. logo is seen on the ground at Ronald Reagan National Airport (DCA) in Washington, D.C., U.S., on Wednesday, Nov. 26, 2014. Uber Technologies Inc. investors are betting the five-year-old car-booking app is more valuable than Twitter Inc. and Hertz Global Holdings Inc. Photographer: Andrew Harrer/Bloomberg via Getty Images

Uber is an international level transportation service which is accessible through online. It has so many advanced techniques to perform the desired task of the commuters who are all passenging in it. This transportation service is sidelining the other services by its performance and specifications. This service contains so many different vehicles which have the ability to carry the product from one country to another.

This transportation service is headquartered in the United States of America and this transportation service is initially executed there only. After that this service has been introduced in San Francisco and Australia. Recently this transportation service has introduced one new and advanced vehicle named as a self-driving car. It reveals too many advanced techniques through it and this technique exists more advantages.

This self-driving vehicle is going to be introduced in the country of California.It has so many testing features to check and verify the performance of the transportation. The services are activated through mobile applications which are interconnected with it. Mobile applications contain most of the advanced specifications to achieve the desired task. We can access these services through online and as per the comments only the transportation service will work.

Nowadays the Uber is applying for the test car permit in California with more number of advanced specifications. We have to know that the self-driving car is the one which can be in active mode without a driver. It doesn’t require manual help to direct the route to reach the destination for the commuters. This self-driving car is containing the GPRS, GSM, and antenna etc. GPRS is mainly used to track the location of the commuters and GSM is mainly used for the wireless transmission of messages.

We are all known that the antenna is used to the process of transmission and reception of information. The major disadvantage is that the self-driving car doesn’t obey the road rules while driving. It may cause an accident because of the absence of driver to direct the route of the destination. Google map is internally attached to it to reach the destination and direct the shortcut to the vehicle. The transportation service will have a profile to update our information through online.

The self-driving car is dominating the world by its performance and it has some positives equal to the negatives. We can get the negatives through the feedback which is given by the commuters who are all traveling in this service. In the forthcoming generation, there will be so many a modification occurs depending upon the commuters need. San Francisco-based Uber services are strictly following the terms and conditions of road rules even it is in a self-driving manner.

In the country of California, this new test car permit technique is implemented as an advanced one. Initially, this method is started up as an autonomous car permit techniques to the organization and commuters. Lyft is another one transportation technique which competing with the performance of Uber by its upcoming specifications. In the modern world, the people are always looking for the easiest way to perform a specific task.

For that purpose only they are accessing the mobile application to reduce the manual work and timing. It could be the efficient way to have a happy journey. According to the recent survey, most of the travelers are speculators who want to manage their time. This transportation service with advanced vehicles will be very useful to achieve the task. Uber’s ride-hailing service is now permitted in the California and it is approved by the Government.
The self-driving vehicles are casually following the comments which are predefined in the system. We can change the information which is programmed to the vehicle to reach the destination. The transportation service of Uber is available at anytime and anywhere with more number of the desired techniques. In fact, this service gains more amount by the process of transportation and time management.

In the self-driving car, there is one major advantage is available that is, we don’t receive any external issues while traveling in it. Most of the accidents are occurs due to the mental pressure of the drivers and if it is not available the accident will be reduced. Then the critical factor is that the Uber will not provide any compensation for the absence while traveling on the self-driving vehicle.

Moreover, the transportation service of Uber is spread around the world in 50 cities and 120 countries. Still, it is expanding its functional area and executing so many advanced techniques in the service. It got a patent to travel in any place around the world and that is achieved in the year of 2014. Suddenly these services have exchanges its plans and introduce some rival techniques of it through online. Recently it is automating the test car permit technique in the application world for the transportation service of Uber.

For each and every trip the driver who is working in this transportation is gaining the amount of $150 per month. Nowadays the performance of Uber is slightly decreasing in accordance with the issues which are happened due to the manual and technical error. Upto now, there are 16 automated vehicles with test car permit has been introduced in California. 23 ride-hailing companies are tied up with it and researching about the transportation service of Uber.
In the year of 2016, the number of users is increased in the Uber transportation service. Uber’s test program is started up by the Pittsburgh and it will be very useful for the organization which maintains the process of it. The operating technique of the vehicle is programmed initially in the server and in the self-driving vehicle. The payment for booking the ticket is accessible through online as an E-commerce payment.

It has some indispensable features with it and we have to know every detail about it to access. In the site of Uber technologies.Inc we can get or gather any information about the journey of the particular authorized customer. The accomplishment of Uber’s self-driving vehicle in California is initially executed via mercury news. Test drive vehicle or car also available in the transportation service of Uber which is dominating the world currently.
Uber’s CEO has announced that the transporting and self-driving vehicle is legally approved by the government and those are performing in an efficient manner. Throughout the world, it reveals the special performance towards the customer and organization. There is no more transportation network to replace the techniques which are available in the Uber. As an online user, we have to access these kinds of efficient mobile applications and we can have a perfect journey by those.

This transportation service will be very comfortable to use and it will deliver some notifications for every action with respect to the service. Uber’s drivers who are all working in that transportation service is responsible for the secure travel. There will be an option to notify the feedback and if we are feeling like anything wrong we can update it through online. The organization of transportation will modify those to increase the standard and strategy of the service with an advanced technique in it.



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i really agree with your view about feed back option.
As a user i expect more accessiblity to the application and dehumanizing is such a topic which needs to be more specifically accessible and understandable for user