Top 10 Best Chrome Extensions Of 2018

Chrome is all that you need in an efficient browser. It is fast, smooth, well designed and packed with features that makes it just the best of all. These are just for starters, its main strength lies in the huge library of add-ons that it has which gives numerous functions and options to those who browse through Chrome.

The web store of Chrome is packed with so many extensions that you have endless options to enhance your browsing. Given below are the best of these extensions that has been acknowledged by many users and deemed to be really useful.

Before moving on with the list of best chrome extensions, make sure you check out list of weird websites.

  1. Ad Blocker ultimate:

This is a major breakthrough for browsing. Ads are always popping up when you wish to browse some important stuff which leads to interruption and unwanted congestion on the screen. Well, this particular extension aims to remove this very discrepancy in the browsing procedure. It is a free open source Adblocker. It removes banner Ads, videos, audios, etc. You can also white-list certain websites where you want to support the Ads popping up. Also, certain online tracking tools are blocked by this tool.

Ad Blocker ultimate



  1. Lazarus: Form Recovery:

Lazarus: form Recovery

This tool mainly saves you from the frustration that you face on losing the data that you very recently filled in an online form. This is usually a case when you take a considerable amount of time to fill a particular form and then when you click on submit you find an error popping up. The worse case is when you refresh the page and then you are again encountered with the empty form.

The Lazarus helps you to recover such forms. This is done by encrypting the typed data and storing it locally on your machine instead of sending it to some third party servers.


  1. Checker Plus for Gmail:


Checker Plus for GmaiThis is an efficient tool to keep your Gmail messages within easy reach. By having this extension you don’t need to open a new tab in order to open your Gmail. You can also mark the messages as read or send it to archive. All this can be done without leaving the current page.


  1. Pablo:



It is a free app especially designed for those who habitually are active on social networking sites. It helps you to quickly cobble up artful, social media- friendly captioned images which you can add to social network sites like Facebook, LinkdIn, Google+, and Twitter. It allows for quick highlighting of texts and selection of images from local or online sources that can be later customized with fonts and effects.


  1. Wiki Wand:


It converts Wikipedia’s blunt, serviceable interface into something with more of a visual punch. It changes the overall look of Wikipedia with different features like distinctive texts with column division, integrated side menu offering the contents, an improved media gallery, and other such useful readable features.


  1. LastPass:


It keeps your passwords in one place and logs into your accounts automatically. It creates a different strong password for every site. It stores it locally in an encrypted vault. All you need to do is keep in mind one single password and the rest will be done by the LastPass tool.



  1. Evernote Web Clipper:

It is a very useful tool for clipping web pages, keeping chunks of pages and bookmarks stored so that you can see them later. Consider the case where you are browsing through the net for some particular information for your project, you find a very interesting article but unfortunately don’t have the time to go through the content at that time. This is where this particular tool comes into play. For this, you just need to click the elephant icon and the Evernote will save the entire article so that you can read it later. You can also choose the notebook to which the article has to be saved along with tags and bookmarks.


  1. FoxClocks:

Though a small tool, yet it is handy to put multiple clocks and time zones within easy reach. The chosen time zones are displayed on the bottom status bar of the Chrome’s window. You can also have the FoxClocks button on the address bar so that you can check your time zones without leaving the current webpage.



  1. Tab Wrangler:

As the name suggests, it automatically closes the tabs that have been inactive for a considerable amount of time. This in a way increases the browsing speed by decreasing the traffic on that particular device which is using this tool. It can also gobble up your Ram if too many tabs are opened all at once. It is for those users who end up with a huge number of tabs while browsing through some sites for any kind of information. You can pin the tabs that need to be static and not be closed by the Tab Wrangler.



  1. Pushbullet:

It gives you a platform to send and receive messages and also get call notifications on your browser. This is the best tools for the times when you need to work on your laptop for a long time without interruption from your cell phone. For this very purpose, all the message notifications of your Smartphone will be right in front of you on your computer screen. It supports the services like WhatsApp, Kik, Facebook Messenger, and even SMS messages. In this way, you will not need to constantly peep at your phone in order to see if any important notification has come while you purely need to be engaged on your browsing operation.



Such extensions are tools that have made Chrome better and efficient in the field of browsing. These have indeed made browsing easier and comfortable with all the extra handy features that have been mentioned above.




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