If found helpful, history always repeats the same situations, but with different individuals. Let us first look at the history of computer and cloud computing. In the 80s and 90s, the computer age came to the fore with the replacement of mainframes and other computer powers with personal computers. The devices were lifted from the offices of multinational corporations and made their appearances in every home.



Now, you are going back to the same place. With another new technology. The cloud. And it will have various associations such as artificial intelligence, neural integration and quantum computing. But the main challenge will be between the human brain and man-created machine (artificial intelligence).


Innovations are happening at such a fast pace. Every company has to analyze the enormous amount of data. Carrying information in devices is no longer a possibility. The limitations have driven mankind back to the connected distributed architecture, made strong by powerful features called as cloud computing. In the next decade, a quarter of all the software applications will be available in the cloud. Small companies will do away with computer towers/servers and instead, take on Desktop as a Service (DaaS). In fact, the desktop will more commonly work as a simple workstation to the company.


But the basic infrastructure will not change. There will still be a keyboard, monitor, and a client for every company or shall we mention as the workstation? The necessary requirement for the applications and functionality will, of course, be handled by third-party cloud providers. The advantage, companies can easily interact with each other. They never should worry about the latest upgrade in software such as Adobe, Office etc.


In fact, the initial stages of cloud computing is on. Now, a stage will come, when the apps in our mobiles and computers have to co-ordinate with each other to exchange data and logic. And the traditional data centers, relying on equipment will be no more.

Infrastructure will become a commodity, and prime focus will be given to security in the cloud.

Benefits of Cloud Computing!!


1. No Lapses in Security Breaches

You have a laptop provided by the company. You went on an assignment to the US. And in the airport, lost your laptop. Luckily, you did not store any confidential information of the company in the laptop. Steps were taken, and the companies settled for encrypted data. But, some countries objected to the encrypted data, and so companies had to reverse their steps. If not, it will amount to breaking the local laws. In the future, the cloud can reverse all the tendencies by having all the data stored in their database. The laptop will only be a mere tool to access the data.

2. There Will Be More Options To Stay In Perfect Health

A new health monitoring plan is taking the first step in health practices, that of wireless treatment. A doctor can specify the treatment upon noticing the condition of the patient on CCTV. The doctor as well the patient may reside at faraway places. In case of chemotherapy treatment, the images taken from an infrared camera can inform the doctor of the improvement in the patient’s condition.

3.Developing Countries Such As India Are At An Advantage

In developed countries, every aspect has to be looked into, to change hardware infrastructures and other principles to accommodate cloud computing. But in developing countries as India, the infrastructure will not be developed, and it will be easy to embrace the new methods. In India, major chunks of the population use mobiles than landline telephones. The cloud will eliminate the barriers and you can get the best services from mobile brand providers and companies. In short, there is a huge demand for new markets.




4. Companies Will Use Individual (Department) Cloud Platforms


When the companies use cloud computing, streamlining of the processes will take place. Similar to the rooms in an office with titles such as HR Department, Finance Department, there will be “community clouds” within a cloud. They will have a community office ‘cloud’ but only personnel from the specific department will have access to the particular cloud.

5.Humankind Will Become One Race

If there is a simple challenge that involves the human race, it is language. But in the future, cloud technology can provide softwares that can easily translate the language between native speakers of two different countries. In case of conversation, the mobile device can act as a medium to translate the language by making use of voice recognition software.



The cloud technology offers exciting opportunities to the individual to develop products that can accelerate ideas of self-ownership. In the future, you can see start-ups with a small team making use of the cloud to handle their businesses. Let us imagine, you have completed your IIT and have set up an online doorstep repair services in Hyderabad. Your company provides the best handyman professionals for plumbing, electrical and AC repair in Hyderabad. So, unlike the olden days, you need not invest a large amount in computer hardware. You can use the DAAS, with minimum team members and invest in a cloud database. You get the reduction in cost, speedy internet and response access and many more.



In recent times, a lot of talk, articles, and discussion have happened in the cloud computing section as well on Google Cloud. Yes, there are other service providers such as Microsoft Azure & did we forget about Amazon Web Services. At present, every company that is part of the digital world has some part of their information in the cloud. It is only a matter of time before cloud computing becomes an important part of human life.

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